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At topmysterybooks.com, we are one of the most well-integrated online bookstores. We focus on your 'lifestyle' around reading: bringing you high-quality digital products to enjoy your mystery books on as well as films and Playstation games that have been adapted from mystery books. This enables us to provide you with an online store that aims to serve your needs within the literary genres of Crime Mystery, Classic Mystery, Kids Mystery and Modern Mystery and Kindle devices


We have compiled a list of mystery novels that you won't want to miss. From crime mystery to classic mystery to kids' mystery, we have compiled a list for each type of mystery novels to meet the inquisitive minds of you, your family and friends.


 Dead Man's Time by Peter JamesDavid BaldacciPrivate Paris by James PattersonThe Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsThe Distant Hours by Kate Morton


About Us 

We are here to help make your choices easier. Added to that, we help you to choose the 'reading lifestyle' you want to enjoy by offering you reviews of Kindle e-readers on which you can download your novels. So whether you want to tuck into your favourite mystery book at bedtime in a paperback or read on Kindle while you're on the go, we will do our part to help you choose a great novel. The rest is for you to enjoy. If it’s in the list, we recommend it. Without further ado, let's dive in!


When looking for a unique range of reading materials you want to know what you are buying. We hope to help you in making an informed decision by providing you with: 

  • reviews/synopsis of novels and short stories
  • popular authors and their novels 
  • age groups suitable for numerous children's mystery books
  • Kindle and other e-reader reviews to help you choose the most preferred or practical way to enjoy your favourite books
  • Hollywood films adapted from popular mystery books starring the likes of Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.
  • PlayStation games adapted from mystery books; providing more mysterious fun for the whole family to enjoy and when friends are visiting you

With the above on offer, our repeat business is built on reliabilityspeed, and great value.


Kindle with coffee


So what makes customers come back to us again and again?

Quite simply (and humbly) put: we are wonderful! An online mystery books platform offering a wide reach globally. It provides access to your literary needs helping to save you time and hassle from looking elsewhere. Our products are diverse, carefully selected and reviewed; coming with a 100% secure payment process.

We appreciate that whether you are looking for a novel to enjoy on an e-reader such a Kindle or to tuck into the delights of a paperback, we offer reliability in our service combined with the great value in price that will make you want to come back to us again and again. 

Sub-Genres in Mystery

On our website, you will find several mystery sub-genres with reviews of many authors from each of the sub-genres and some of their most popular books. 


Crime Mystery


Crime Mystery with a crime scene



Fasten your emotional seatbelts! These novels will keep you captivated on the edge of seat twist and turns in plots that will keep you turning the pages in an unstoppable way. The huge appetite for these books means that we have a wide range of books with reviews for many of the most popular authors in this genre, such as James Patterson, John Grisham and Martina Cole to name but a few.


Classic Mystery

 Classic Mystery: James Murdoch in Murder on the Orient Express


The Classics are novels that have been written in the centuries past that have had profound recognition in the field of literature and cultural understandings. These books have set the literary standards and continue to draw in and captivate readers of all ages and from generation to generation.

Kids' Mystery

 Kids Mystery books Scooby Doo! Mystery #1 The Hotel of Horrors

Whether you're looking for children's detective books or mystery books by age groups, this section is for you! The most important part of any child's development is his or her ability to develop and master the art of reading and comprehension. This section will provide you with access to a multitude of books for the child's effective cognitive development and reading skills. Since children learn best and fastest when they engage all their senses during the early years of their lives, we at Top Mystery Books take great pride in providing you with the books that will help give your child the literary education and imaginative thinking they need in order to grow into intelligent, confident young adults. 

Modern Mystery


Mystery books adapted to films

Our selection of books in Modern  Mystery will provide you with suspense and exhilarating storylines. Modern mystery books are hugely popular with young and old as you will see by the diverse number of authors and their great novels for you to choose from. 

So, ready to enjoy your next favourite mystery book? Grab a coffee, choose a novel from our recomendations and begin your journey....in a paperback or a Kindle! 




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